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OAIB Furniture Qatar Kuwait Oman Virtual Trade Delegation, 21-24 September 2020

Following the opening speech of A. Tahsin Ata, Chairman of Central Anatolia Central Anatolian Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters' Association, on September 21, 2020, Doha Commercial Counselor Mr. Yasemin Ürkmez Aydın, Kuwait Commercial Counselor Atilla Alper Başbuğ and Muskat Commercial Counselor Mr. Ece Aksop made presentations.

After the keynote speeches and presentations, the virtual meetings between the companies started. 102 local companies registered for the event, 52 of the 102 registered companies made an appointment, 44 of the companies that made an appointment met with our participating companies within the scope of their appointments. The requests of 4 local companies that did not participate in the virtual delegation but had tangible product and service demands were also conveyed to the participating companies.

In total, 153 of the 194 appointments were interviewed. In this context, the participation rate of local companies in the appointments was above the expectations and was around 80%.

Among the companies participating in the bilateral meetings, there are companies from the Gulf region that are known in the industry and can be defined as VIPs. Some of these companies are: Havelock One, Mohsin HaiderDarwish, Al Jaidah Group, Darwish Trading, Alghanim, Khimji Ramdas, Fahmy Furniture, ACEC, United Consultants, ECG and Salam Enterprises.

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