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Machinery Exporters' Association Qatar Oman Trade Delegation, 15-20 February 2020

70 representatives from 45 companies participated in the bilateral business meetings held at the JW Marriott Hotel on February 17, 2020. The members of the delegation, who completed their contacts in Qatar with the bilateral business meetings on February 17, 202, went to Oman on February 18, 2020 with a Qatar Airways scheduled flight. . On the same date, T.C. The reception given by the Ambassador of Muscat, Ayşe Sözen Usluer in honor of the delegation, was attended. Our Muscat Commercial Counselor, Ms. Ece Aksop, representatives of leading Turkish companies operating in Oman such as STFA and Tekfen, and high-level representatives of local companies based in Oman attended the reception given by Ms. Sözen Usluer, Ambassador to Muscat.

MAİB Board Member Ahmet Özkayan expressed his gratitude to our Ambassador and Commercial Counselor Aksop for their interest and support to the delegation, and presented a gift to Usluer in memory of the day. Following the speeches of our Ambassador, Mr. Usluer, and our Commercial Counselor, Mr. Aksop, honoring the opening of the bilateral meetings held in the ballroom of Muscat Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 19, 2020, Ibrahim Al Maamari, CEO of the Investment Center of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Ibrahim Al Akkawi, Privatization / Partnership Management Consultant. A presentation was made by Oman on the investment environment, investment incentives and investment projects.

More than 100 representatives from 73 companies and institutions participated in the bilateral business meetings held after the opening speeches and presentations. The list of companies that registered and participated in the bilateral meetings and the samples of the business cards received on the day of the meeting are presented in the appendix. Muskat Commercial Counselor, Ms. Ece Aksop, followed the bilateral business meetings from the beginning to the end, and personally brought together the relevant local companies and the delegation participants in order for the companies to gain tangible gains from the negotiations. A gift was presented to Mr. Aksop in memory of the day by the Chairman of the delegation, Mr. Özkayan, for his support before and during the delegation program.

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