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KAYMOS Israel Furniture Industry Trade Delegation, 3-6 December 2017

The trade delegation headed by Şakir Alparslan, Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary General of the Association, consisting of 9 company representatives who are members of KAYMOS Furniture URGE cluster, returned to Kayseri with tangible gains from Israel, which they visited between 3-6 December 2017.

Delegation members visited Ashdod port and furniture stores on 3 December 2017 and T.C. on 4 December 2017. Within the scope of the bilateral business meetings held in Tel Aviv, attended by the Tel Aviv Ambassador, Mr. Mekin Mustafa Kemal Ökem, he held more than 100 meetings with 30 Israeli companies. Within the scope of bilateral business negotiations, companies that already have representatives in the Israeli market established new connections, while companies that were not in the Israeli market before took the first step towards potential partnerships.

The delegation, which went to Jerusalem in December 2017, first visited the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Dror Atari, Chairman of the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce, who personally accepted the delegation, stated that their doors are always open to all companies and NGOs from Turkey, and that they want to increase their cooperation with Turkish companies and stated that they are very pleased to host the KAYMOS delegation.

As part of the official contacts in Jerusalem, a meeting was held with the Chairman of the East Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mazen Al-Qaq. Extremely important information was conveyed to the members of the delegation regarding East Jerusalem and the Palestinian furniture market by Mr. Al-Qaq. In addition, it was agreed to organize a procurement committee from Palestine to Kayseri under the chairmanship of Mr. Al-Qaq in the first half of 2018.

The Qatar, Kuwait and Israel trade delegation organizations, which made an impression in the domestic and foreign press in 2017, and KAYMOS, which has successfully undertaken the task of pioneering the promotion of Kayseri Furniture in international markets, are expected to continue increasingly in 2018 as well.

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