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İDDMİB Construction Materials Qatar Trade Delegation, 7-10 December 2019

As planned, the members of the delegation, headed by Tahsin Öztiryaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İDDMİB, who arrived in Doha on 8 December 2019 with THY's scheduled flight, made their first official visit on the same day to the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, accompanied by the Doha Commercial Counselor, Mr. Burak Güreşci.

IDDMIB delegation visited ASHGAL, the public institution responsible for the tenders of infrastructure and superstructure projects of Qatar, on its second official visit on 8 December 2019. A detailed presentation about ASHGAL's past, ongoing and planned public infrastructure and superstructure projects was given to the members of the delegation, who were accepted by ASHGAL President's Office Technical Affairs Manager Mr. Ahmad Ali Hal Ansari and the relevant department managers.

125 officials from 96 local companies registered for the bilateral business meetings held at W Doha Hotel on December 9, 2019. More than 90 representatives from 71 Qatari companies attended the meeting, and over 200 bilateral business meetings were held in total.

Our Doha Commercial Counselor, Mr. Burak Güreşci, visited the hall during the bilateral meetings and met with the participating companies. Mr. Güreşci provided intense support to the announcement and invitation work before the delegation, and stood by the members of the delegation in all contacts of the delegation in Doha. The bilateral business meetings were also followed by the local press, and a correspondent from The Peninsula newspaper conducted an interview with the head of the delegation, Mr. Öztiryaki.

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