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DKİB Romania and Hungary Sectoral Trade Delegation, 12-17 April 2019

The trade delegation organization of DKİB Construction Materials URGE cluster covering Bucharest and Budapest was held on 7-12 April 2019. Within the scope of the aforementioned trade delegation organization, nearly 200 bilateral business meetings were held with a total of 67 companies, 11 of which were in Bucharest and 34 in Budapest.

Concerning the delegation visit in Romania, an agreement was made with the REVISTA CONSTRUCTIILOR magazine, which is publishing in the sector, and the announcement text and invitations regarding the bilateral business meetings were sent to approximately 21,000 subscribers of the magazine. Subscriber profile and e-mail completion report of the journal are attached. Contact information for over 400 Hungarian participants of the Construma fair held in Hungary was provided and invitations were sent.

Press News

Newspaper Balkan

Haberturk Ro


The Romanian Construction Industry Employers' Association / PSC published the catalog of the delegation on its website after the meetings. The invitation was published before.

Media Aegean


Hajdu Bihar Chamber of Commerce Website

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