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Diyarbakır OSB Construction URGE Cluster Qatar and Oman Trade Delegation, 10-15 November 2018

With the participation of 8 companies affiliated to Diyarbakir OSB Construction Materials URGE Cluster, The Trade Delegation organization organized for Qatar and Oman between 10-15 November 2018 was successfully completed . Nearly all of the cluster member companies, which made more than 250 bilateral meetings with a total of 80 local companies in two countries, returned to Turkey with tangible gains.

Before the bilateral business meetings held in Doha on 12 November 2018, a comprehensive briefing on the Qatar market and the construction sector was given to the delegation by our Doha Commercial Counselor, Mr. Burak Güreşci. He personally sent invitations to Qatari companies to increase participation in business meetings, and attended the meetings personally.

The opening speech of the bilateral business meetings held on 12 November 2018 was delivered by T.C. It was made by our Ambassador to Doha, Mr. Fikret Özer. Our Ambassador, Mr. Özer, emphasized the recently developing commercial and economic relations between Turkey and Qatar, and expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the manufacturers affiliated to Diyarbakır OSB to Qatar. Özer was presented with a gift by the head of the delegation in memory of the day. 25 local companies participated in the bilateral business meetings in Doha and nearly 100 meetings were held in total.

Detailed briefing on Omanpazar was given to the members of the delegation, who were welcomed by our Muskat Commercial Counselor, Mr. Murat Göğüş, on 13 November 2018. The questions of the members of the delegation regarding the Oman market were answered by our Commercial Counselor, Mr. Murat Göğüş. After the finalization of the visit program of the delegation, our Muscat Commercial Counselor, Mr. Murat Göğüş, personally followed all the issues related to the organization and worked hard to increase the participation of local companies in bilateral business meetings. With the help of the friendly relations and cooperation culture established over the years between the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and our Commercial Counseling Office, the aforementioned institution provided intensive support for the announcement of bilateral business meetings, answered individual information requests of the delegation members regarding the market and local companies, and conducted bilateral business meetings. He was present in the meeting room throughout the entire meeting, and also ensured that the local expert of our Trade Consultancy was present at the meeting throughout the meeting to support our cluster member companies.

On 13 November 2018, we also attended the reception given by our Ambassador to Muscat, Ayşe Sözen Usluer, in honor of the delegation, at the residence of our Embassy.

The interest of Omani companies in the bilateral business meetings held at the Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel on 14 November 2018 was extremely high. Participation in the bilateral business meetings, in which our Commercial Counselor Mr. Murat Göğüş and our Consultancy's Local Specialist Mr. Afaaz Khan personally attended and supported the organization of the meeting, was more than expected, thanks to the intense support of our Muskat Commercial Consultancy. Within the scope of the bilateral business meeting organization attended by 80 Representatives from 54 companies in total, around 200 bilateral business meetings were held, and it was observed that there was intense interest and concrete demand for the products and services of all cluster member companies

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