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DAIB Romania Construction Materials Sectoral Trade Delegation, 17-21 November 2019

With the participation of 18 companies affiliated to the Eastern Anatolia Exporters' Association (DAİB) and under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ethem Tanrıver, the trade delegation program organization Shedu Danışmanlık and GB Consulting organized for the Romanian cities of Constanta and Bucharest between 17-21 November 2019. It has been successfully completed by.

The participation in the bilateral business meetings held in Constanta on 18 November met the expectation level. Within the scope of bilateral business meetings attended by 21 local companies, approximately 150 bilateral business meetings were held.

There was great interest in the bilateral business meetings held at the Intercontinental Hotel on November 20, 2019. The meetings, attended by 69 officials from nearly 50 institutions, together with representatives of the press and NGOs, could be completed 1 hour after the planned end time due to the great interest.

There were members who came to the order stage among the participants of the delegation, which held approximately 300 bilateral business meetings with 40 Romanian companies. During the bilateral meetings, Bucharest Commercial Counselor Mr. Sude Gürcan stopped by the hall where the meeting was held and met with the DAIB Chairman of the Board of Directors and Board Members.

Representatives of Dedeman, the leader of the construction materials retail market, and Arabesque, the second among the companies participating in the meetings, also participated. The turnover of these two companies in 2018 is approximately 2 Billion Dollars, and it is possible to say that the Romanian companies that participated in the bilateral meetings together with Max Sarl and Five Bricks participating in the meetings in Constanta represent almost half of the construction materials market.

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