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DAIB Germany Sectoral Trade Delegation, 14-17 January 2019

With the coordination of DAIB and the organization of Shedu Consulting, the sectoral trade delegation organized for the city of Munich, Germany, simultaneously with the BAU Construction Fair, was successfully completed between 14-17 January 2019.

BAU Construction Fair was visited on January 15, 2019. Members of the delegation, which is considered as an international professional visitor group, attended the welcoming meeting organized by the main organizer of the BAU Fair before starting their meetings at the fair. In this meeting, a short presentation about the fair and the German construction industry was made to the members of the delegation by Markus Sporer, Deputy General Director of the BAU fair.

Members of the delegation, who visited the BAU fair before noon on January 16, 2019 and held bilateral business meetings, visited the Bavarian Branch of the BAU Industry Association in the afternoon on the same day. BAU Industrie CEO Thomas Schmid and the Association's Building Construction Unit Manager Werner Goller gave a detailed presentation on the BAU Industrie institution, the German and Bavarian construction sector to the members of the delegation, which were accepted

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