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DAIB Food URGE Cluster Iraq Trade Delegation, 14-17 October 2018

The visit of the trade delegation to the provinces of Erbil and Dohuk of the KRG on 14-17 October 2018 by 7 companies affiliated to the Food URGE Cluster under the chairmanship of DAIB President, Mr. Ethem Tanrıver, was extremely successful. Especially the contacts, visits and meetings held in Erbil yielded great results. Firstly, the members of the delegation, received by our Erbil Consul General, Hakan Karaçay, and our Commercial Attaché, Zihni Tuğrul, later visited the Governor of Erbil, Nevzat Hadi. Cluster member companies visited the City Center and Team Mart supermarkets, which are among the leading retail chains in Northern Iraq, and met with their purchasing managers, and then participated in bilateral business meetings.

The opening of the bilateral business meetings hosted by the Erbil Chamber of Commerce was attended by Erbil Governor Nevzat Hadi, Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Dara Celil Alhayat, Chamber Vice Presidents and all board members. A total of 40 local companies participated in the bilateral business meeting organization, which also attracted great interest from the press, and over 100 bilateral meetings were held.

After the meetings held in Dohuk hosted by the Dohuk Chamber of Commerce and Industry on October 16, 2018, and the wholesaler visits located in Zaho on October 17, 2018, the members of the delegation visited İbrahim Halil and Habur Customs Directorates, respectively.

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