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Bandırma Commodity Exchange Egg and Poultry URGE Cluster Qatar Trade Delegation 28 April-1 May 20

Bilateral business meeting organization and visits within the scope of the trade delegation organization organized by Bandırma Commodity Exchange URGE delegation to Qatar between 28 April-1 May 2019 were organized by Shedu Consulting.

The delegation made its first visit to Saudia Hypermarket on April 29, 2019. Meeting with Arun S. Pillai, Group Operations Manager of Saudia Hypermarkets, which directly imports chicken and eggs from Turkey, the questions of the members of the delegation regarding the Qatar egg and chicken market were answered by Mr. Pillai. The members of the delegation, who examined the chicken and egg products on the shelves, then visited the Al Rawabi and Carrefour supermarkets, respectively, and gathered information about the market.

After the site visits, the members of the delegation visited Project Qatar construction fair and met with T.C. He met with the Ambassador of Doha, Mr. Fikret Özer. Ambassador Özer, who gave a brief briefing on the Qatar food market to the members of the delegation, was presented with a gift by Bandırma Commodity Exchange Board Member and Head of the delegation, Mr. Can Ata Tan, in memory of the day.

Bilateral business meetings between URGE member companies and Qatari companies were held on 30 April 2019 at Mondrian Hotel. 39 Qatari companies registered and 31 companies participated in the meetings. In total, nearly 100 bilateral business meetings were held.

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