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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Shaking Hands
Construction & Building Materials Industry
Egypt B2B Meetings
9 October 2023, Monday
Sheraton Cairo Hotel
ts resim.png
Turkish Steel.png
Steel & Metals Industry
Poland B2B Meetings
12 October 2023, Thursday
Warsaw Marriott Hotel
Aluminum Supplier
Aluminium Industry
VIP Buyer Program
11-13 October 2023
WOW İstanbul Hotel
Marble Surface
Natural Stones Industry
Israel B2B Meetings
18 October 2023, Wednesday
Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel
Rolled hotel towels
denib klogo.png
Home Textile Industry
UAE B2B Meetings
24 October 2023, Tuesday
Voco Hotel Dubai

About Us

Your Gateway to Turkey

Turkey has an ultimate goal of reaching 500 billion USD of exports volume in 2023, the centenary anniversary of the Turkish Republic. In 2013, the total export volume has been 151.7 billion USD. Hence the Government targets 12% annual increase in exports each year during the next 10 years.

Turkey’s major export products include: Textile and apparel, electronics, automobiles and agricultural products, iron and steel, machinery and equipment, furniture, mineral fuels and oil, precious stones and tobacco. However, Turkey has a very diversified economy, there are several other export products that Turkish manufacturers can produce and compete with global suppliers in foreign markets.

Shedu Events helps international companies to find high quality goods produced by Turkish manufacturers at affordable prices. 

As Shedu Events we:

  • Organize business delegation visits to all around the world.

  • Arrange B2B meetings,

  • Organize on site visits to the chambers, associations, wholesalers & retailers and government agencies.

  • Organize virtual business delegations, online B2B meetings and country presentation webinars

  • Provide interpreters, transfers and all the other relevant logistic arrangements,

Shedu Logo_edited.jpg
SHEDU Means:
  • The human head of Shedu symbolizes the wisdom; we share our knowledge and experience with our clients,

  • Eagle wings of Shedu symbolize the quickness and dynamism; we help our clients with adopting changing business environment,

  • Lion’s body of Shedu symbolizes the courage; we support our clients to create new opportunities and develop their existing business,

  • Bull legs symbolize the endurance of Shedu, we target establishing long lasting partnerships with our clients.

About Us

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